Do you want to be able to take great photos, but don't have the time to learn how?

Do you wish someone would teach you the secret settings to making great pictures?

Focus Photo School has go at your own pace, bite size lessons,
presented by experienced trainers, to show you how to make great pictures!

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  • Your videos are outstanding. I also subscribe to Kelby and Lynda, but find your approach, explanations, and examples superior.
    Steve Miller, MD
  • You have "The Gift". I was so impressed with your patience and your ability to convey concepts to us in terms that we could understand.
    Thomas Herrick

What Courses Are Available

Taking Great Pictures

  • Less in More in Photography

  • Powerpoints & The Rule of Thirds

  • One, Two, or Three

  • Geometric Shapes & Patterns (Coming Soon)

  • More How to Make Great Pictures Coming Soon

The Lightroom Lab

  • Lightroom Setup

  • Importing

  • Organize Your Photos

  • Editing Essentials

  • Sharing Your Best Work

  • Working with Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop CC

  • Lightroom Mobile

  • Advanced Editing

  • Lightroom to Fotomagico, DxO Optics, Starstax and more

  • Time-Lapse Photography

  • Step by Step Video Courses

    Over 100 Bite Size Lessons and Growing

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Learn from the Best



There are few Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Certified Experts out there who have helped as many Photoshop Lightroom beginners as David Marx. Unlike many of the other Photoshop Lightroom experts out there, David has had the opportunity to teach this program both online and in a live classroom setting all over the country. The opportunity to teach this software both live and on-line has really helped David see where most beginners get lost and confused.

What David has seen again and again is that those who leap into this program without the right background knowledge often become very frustrated because they do not understand how Adobe Photoshop Lightroom actually works.